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I’m trying to make my guestbook blog a bit more user-friendly and intuitive, and have set up three pages: a Guestbook Home (this is mainly about the story), About (this is mainly about me), and Reprise (this is mainly  additional related information).

I have copied the original comments entered in response to this post (originally, “Sign my Guestbook”) to the “Guestbook Home” page.  I decided to keep this “post” to be able to retain the original responses to this post.

I really look forward to reading your comments, so if you’ve arrived at this blog, please go to my Guestbook Home, About or Reprise page and leave us a note.

– duane

About RetiredMSG

Master Sergeant (E-8), US Army (Retired) (10/01/1990) MOS 98Z50, 98C source MOS Ft. Dix, NJ; Ft. Devens, MA; 8th RRFS Phu Bai, RVN; 407th RRD Quang Tri, RVN; 313th ASA Bn, Ft. Bragg, NC; Defense Language Institute-East Coast, Anacostia, MD; 1st USASAFS Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA; Consolidated Security Operations Center, San Antonio, TX; HQ USASA Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA; Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Education School, Ft. Devens, MA; 330th EW Avn Co (Fwd), Kaiserslautern/Gruenstadt, GE; HQ USAINSCOM Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA; 370th EW Co (HF DF Rear), Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA; AFCENT Reserve Corps (Fwd), Maastricht, NL; HQ USAINSCOM Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, VA; HQ USAINSCOM Nolan Building, Ft. Belvoir, VA DoD Civilian (Retired) (12/31/2012) 2009 - 2012 Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence 2010 - 2011 U.S. Forces - Iraq/Iraqi Training and Advisory Mission - Intelligence Department of the Army Civilian 2002 - 2009 Hq Department of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence 1990 - 2002 Hq U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
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28 Responses to Archive Sign My Guestbook Post

  1. Charles Carolll says:

    Duane, thanks for publishing and sharing this article. I was retired when your episode occurred but I well remember sadly watching the fall of S. Vietnam and all of the places I had been while there. Also, I was an instructor in I Division of the School for some of your 056/05D predecessors. Thanks again,
    Chuck Carroll 1SG Ret. 101st RR Co ’69-’70 ASA ’55 – ’74.


  2. Charles Carolll says:

    I really enjoyed your article! Duane thanks for publishing this, it brought back old memories. I was retired by the time of your episode, but remember sadly watching the fall of S. Vietnam and all the places I had been while there.
    Chuck Carroll 1SG Ret. 101st RR Co ’69-’70 ASA ’56-’74.


  3. Jim Kirk...O5H says:

    Duane … thanx for the site. I was at Carroll, A-4, Hill 880 at KheSanh, maybe even at Sarge for a bit. Was with 407th fm Jan. ’71 to July ’71, all field time. Stayed in trouble in the rear. I was a field doggie to the core. Proud to have served in 407th and the men in it. Retired and disabled now, but I carry on. BTW am in touch regularly with Doug Hardy aka Thrailkill. only other guy I do now days. out here


  4. Paul J. Petretti, P.E.,L.S. says:

    I was with MCB74,a Seabee Battalion that left QTCB March 1970 after working on roads and bridges on Rt. 1 from QT to Dong Ha and Rt. 9 to Cam Lo and the road north to Con Thien. I can’t believe, or find it hard to believe anyone would venture up to Con Thien and west towards Khe Sanh after we left, you had to have some bravado to go out there that far after the pull out. I hope they at least gave you a Silver Star for being crazy. I am wondering when the Bridge over the Tach Han River at QT was taken out. From what we see in pictures of the destroyed bridge it was an Arc Light raid by B-52’s.


    • RetiredMSG says:

      Thanks, Paul, for commenting, and thanks, especially for your service to the Nation and us ground-pounders. We don’t do bridges well, although we’ve been known to be able to destroy bridges 🙂

      The road from Quang Tri to Con Thien was definitely “Indian Country” – I have a hard time believing we traversed that countryside in deuce and a halfs and M151 jeeps … unarmored, without a cobra or apache sitting overhead …

      enjoy your day, Paul, and welcome home. – duane


  5. Very moving account of this difficult time. Thank you for putting pen to paper as far too many memories like this are being lost to time.

    Terry Lukanic
    NMCB-74 (Seabees)
    Quang Tri ’69-’70


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